Power Groups

Our Power Groups are designed to help businesses work together to pass referral business and professional development. All meetings are online until further notice.

Group can have no more than 8 members. SWN may have more than one group in the same area, but they must meet at different times and days. Groups are industry-locked and require approval before attending.

You must be a member in good standing to attend and belong to a group. Guests are not allowed unless they are speaking in the first 15 minutes.

Attendance will be taken. Cancellations are allowed. With two no-shows, you will lose your spot.

SWN will make final determination if there is a question of being in the same industry spot.

Meeting Agenda

  • SWN Newsletter/What’s New Review (3-5 min)
  • 30-second Intro (3 min)
  • Recognize & Give Referrals (3 min)
  • Watch 10-minute Business Boost Video (different every meeting)
  • Answer THE 5 Questions (20 min)
  • 30-second Accountability Statement (I completed ABC tasks from last time and will complete XYZ tasks for next time). (3 min)
  • Free time (15-18 min)

Leaders, you may designate time keeper and select book from video library (accounts will be set up today). Slides will be provided (same every time). To help the flow, call in first name alpha order.

For more information about the Southside Women’s Network of Coastal Virginia or to join us, visit our website or contact Gina Bordeaux at 757-541-2828 or gina@swn.rocks.