Meet Charlotte (Charley) Lovett

Owner, RISE Personal Training

I am a health and fitness professional because I grew up alone with my own health challenges. I felt alone, I felt miserable, and I suffered every day. I have no self-esteem, I hated what I saw in the mirror and this killed my confidence, making me hide from the world.

Living life feeling like your stuck in the current situation that you are in…is not how it should be. When no one would help me, I took it upon myself to learn and overcome these challenges. I learned so much about myself and about what being healthy truly means.

So created RISE PT, as a way to help women no longer feel alone. We teach them and give them the RIGHT tools for living a healthier way. And in turn, helping them feel confident, because EVERYONE deserves to feel confident.

Services Offered

  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • Online personal training
  • Health Coaching (nutrition)
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Online intensive program

Education and Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Youth Fitness Specialist
  • Exercise Nutritionist
    (Health Coach on staff)

Contact Information

Charlotte (Charley) Lovett
(757) 410-3040