Event Terms & Conditions

    1.  The items that were pictured in your photo that you sent for approval must be what you plan on selling.
    2. No open flame allowed.
    3. Nothing can extend out into the aisle.
    4. Exhibitor’s booth may not interfere with adjacent exhibitors.
    5. Nothing can be permanently fixed onto the floors, walls or drapes.
    6. It is your responsibility to report sales tax.
    7. All exhibitors are responsible for keeping their booth neat and clean.
    8. Tables should be covered on all sides to the floor with a professional looking table cloth.
    9.  Exhibitor’s booth must be open and staffed during show hours.
    10. Exhibitors are not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke on premises or during show hours.
    11. Refund Policy: No refunds allowed.
    12. Attending this show, you agree to stay the entire time. I respectfully ask exhibitors to NOT breakdown and leave early.If you pack up and leave early, you will forfeit your opportunity for being a vendor at future SWN events.
    13. You may not be the only vendor selling your type of product/craft at the event.
    14. I understand if I am an independent consultant for a direct sales company and my company has already applied for this show, I will not be approved.
    15. If you need to rent tables or chairs, that needs to be purchased PRIOR TO event day set-up.
    16. Vendors are held liable for any damages, by them or their party, that have been incurred while on the premises and/or to the property.