The Southside Women's Network (SWN) of Coastal Virginia brings women together to support each other in business and in life.

We are a community of women in business dedicated to building strong connections, referral partners and friendships. Through a variety of events and social media, the Southside Women’s Network (SWN) provides a forum for collaboration, mentoring and sharing of ideas, resources, and inspiration.

SWN was founded as a resource for women who are looking to increase their knowledge, collaborate with other professional women and leverage resources. By connecting authentically, we promote, support, and inspire each other. 

If you are a woman in business — whether you work for a company or you’re doing your own thing — we invite you to join us.





Our Mission

To connect and empower women to succeed in business.

Our Vision

To increase the number of successful businesswomen in Coastal Virginia.

Networking Events

Our networking events are designed to accomplish three goals:

  1. Connect. Connections are about building a community. The greater the community, the stronger the collective support of your business goals.
  2. Collaborate. It is a basic strategy to seek collaboration to enhance the value of your business. Liken it to finding the yin to your yang.
  3. Refer. Referrals are all about building relationships. The more relationships you develop, the higher chance of finding your ideal client.


Sponsors receive elevated visibility and benefits tailored to fit the partnership relationship. The Southside Women’s Network can provide your business with a valuable platform to align your brand with a premiere women’s networking organization in Coastal Virginia. 

We strive to deliver the greatest marketing impact possible by engaging sponsoring brands with the SWN community leading up to, during and after our events. SWN works closely with you to integrate sponsor offerings and achieve your marketing objectives.

These are just a few of our benefits:

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